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Weather the Storm - together?

I found myself thinking about how we are all doing mentally during this third lockdown, and I realised that there is, understandably, a marked difference between now and last March in everyone's approach to both the situation and to each other.

There are, of course, the obvious differences which are having an effect, ie the weather, the novelty etc and of course now we have more knowledge of the situation (good and bad) plus an element of fatigue has become embedded in our psyche.

But I have also been thinking about pre covid times, when riding the wave of a personal crisis felt like a very lonely journey, which although travelling alone, was often made easier by those around you who used their energy and love to help carry you through.

The problem now, is that we are all in the same crisis! And unfortunately this means it has become more difficult to be compassionate to each other when pretty much everyone is suffering their own story to one extent or another.

It is sometimes so difficult to not just look at the issues we are facing from our own perspective but also to check in with others and try to understand what potentially they might be feeling or needing. On top of which, personal traumas have not ceased to occur just because we are in one great big mega crisis. So we still need to manage our outlook and keep an eye out for those who, within the big picture have a smaller, less noticeable issue going on, and see if we can offer some of the normal words of support, compassion and kindness.

It occurred to me that even though sharing a crisis together should feel easier, in some ways at the moment I actually think weathering this storm together is harder and more isolating than anything we, as a community, have experienced before.

I have stumbled into 2021, like many, on an emotional rollercoaster for all sort of reasons. But I am so lucky to have amazing people around me who I know are always there for me regardless of their own situations. For that I am so grateful.

The truth is that we all need to remember we are not in competition with each other, but on the same team, and the more we can tag team through this and pull each other through, the stronger we will be.

So Team... let's do this! Keep looking outwards, keep noticing the smaller pictures and hopefully we will make a difference to a few of the difficult journeys and even learn a few things about ourselves along the way.

Happy Tuesday

Sam xx

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