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Happy New Year!

My new year's resolution is to blog more and to get better at admin and tech!

I have no idea if anyone would want to read the ramblings of my brain, but I'm a big believer that writing down your thoughts can be extremely therapeutic, plus you just never know who might need to read and relate in order to lift their spirits!

So I will endeavour to build it into my weekly schedule, just like anything else, as a form of exercise and structure for my brain, and hope that I can be open and vaguely interesting!


I always struggle with the IT and marketing/business side of my business! Firstly I have zero skill when it comes to anything technical and I have to rely on the kindness of my husband to keep on top of my website and make my posters etc. Of course I could learn, so perhaps I need to think about doing some kind of course, but I have always been hopeless at trying to learn about things that I am not interested in! The problem is that I need these skills to try and build my business.... so ugh.... I need to get over myself and just do it! Or pay someone else to do it which will certainly be my plan when I'm earning enough to do so!! Vicious circle ha ha!

I'm also not great at day to day admin re payments from clients etc and keeping up with email correspondence. But I hope to get better at it even though all this online activity, whilst necessary, feels to go against all that I am trying to achieve through my classes in terms of mindfulness and escape from the ever present demands of our phones and social media.

Does anyone else feel like they are a slave to a continual need to respond to things?

So that is me today, struggling to keep my cool with the laptop whilst trying to spread a little positivity and solidarity to those who are looking to make improvements to their bodies, minds and lives in general.... but believe me, watching your successes in class, and hearing what a positive difference Pilates has made to you, makes it ALL WORTHWHILE!

And now... to step away from the tech for the evening! (Apart from teaching a class on Zoom!!)

Happy Tuesday. Keep smiling.

Sam x

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