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We have 3 pricing options to suit your needs.

6 weekly

Studio classes - £60 per bundle.

Online classes - £46 per bundle.

This offers a 13% discount.


Studio classes - £11.50 per class.

Online classes - £8.50 per class.

Monthly direct debit

Studio classes - £37.50 per month.

Online classes - £27.75 per month.

This offers a 13% discount.

All Direct Debit plans are based on a 45 week year and can be cancelled at any time with a month's notice

Once a payment plan has been set up for a specific class there will be no requirement to book into that

class each week as your space will be secured.

1:1 Classes - £40 per session in person, £30 Online

I am aware that it is not always possible to do every class, however as the studio classes are small it is difficult for me to accommodate numerous absences. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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