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I'm no stranger to a challenge!!

Hi...I'm Sam Baker and here is a bit about me!

Firstly, I am cripplingly shy and have struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember! (People I meet sometimes don't believe this... more about that in my Blog....)

I also have annoyingly tight hamstrings and I've never had a six pack in my life!!!

I originally trained in  Musical Theatre and was lucky enough to have a career on stage for several years which I absolutely loved. In response to  various injuries along the way, I began to practice PILATES which not only kept me physically strong but also helped me cope in a very competitive and unstable Industry. 

In 2009 I decided it was time for a change and began a wonderful journey teaching Performing Arts, directing/choreographing Musicals, and preparing young adults for their next step in the world.

Whilst working with my students I discovered a love of mentoring/life coaching, and  by using the principles of PILATES and YOGA in my teaching, I have seen first hand how focussed exercise and mindfulness has the power to improve confidence, strength, posture, productivity, happiness and so much more.

Then in 2018 I was diagnosed with cancer in the soft tissue of my leg and suddenly I was unable to do any of the things I was used to and was unsure what my future held. It was a terrifying time and my physical and mental wellbeing was being challenged to the max. I knew that in order to deal with the trauma of surgery and treatment, and also my out of control anxiety levels, I needed a new challenge to focus my mind.........

I decided to do my Mat PILATES Instructor Qualification (whilst having daily radiotherapy!)

A bit crazy maybe, but I felt strongly that it was time to not only strengthen my own body and mind, but also to combine this with my many years of teaching experience and make it my goal to help others too. 

This was closely  followed by our shared experience of the Covid Pandemic which whilst causing havoc on my life in so many ways did allow me the time and headspace to complete my YOGA teacher training.


So here I am, amazingly able now to do almost everything I want and need to do, but with a greater understanding of the incredible power of Pilates and Yoga for optimum health, and a renewed energy to go out and LIVE MY BEST LIFE!! 


 l am friendly and approachable and believe that any self improvement should be FUN and not a punishment! We all have our challenges, but hopefully together we can overcome them with a bit of hard work and lots of laughs along the way!


Why not get in touch and see what Core Confidence can do for YOU!!

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